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about us

S.A.T. - Security and Transport and its teams have set themselves the target to perform each and every obligations concerning security and personal protection with ultimate perfectionism.

Founded at the end of the 80's S.A.T advanced to S.A.T-GmbH (Inc.) in April 1993.

Over the course of years 9 departments have been enhanced with a staff of about 195 employees. Each department is responsible for a specific security array. A long-term know-how on various security sectors distinguishes our successful performances.

As a middle-sized enterprise we operate client-oriented to fulfil more than specials needs and requirements. Due to the rapid increase of delinquency and violations on all kinds of values many administrations and authorities are already perspicuously over-challenged and confide us various security cases. Private individuals, industry and public agencies consign more and more security matters to our company.

Among our clientele you can find chains of retail shops Germany- wide; there are also framework contracts with the Deutsche Bahn AG (german rail services) for the entire Bavaria and Württemberg on the sector of safeguarding of track-workers. Furthermore we operate for administrations of military districts, Bavarian municipalities, pharmaceutical groups and lots of other mandantees in industry and commerce.

Our clients are absolutely sure, that the responsibilities they entrust us are reliably performed to their full satisfaction.

True to this motto the Luxury Event Service-Team organise your entire trip -  accommodation, transfers and entertainment - conscientiously with ultimate standards of security.

Personal assistants, well-trained Bodyguards and interpretors - on request at all Events - are at your conveniences during your stay in the resorts.

We meet your desires to the minutest details - we make your dreams come true. Your fancies are our challenges - we manage the impossible for you.

Combine your Events-highlights - nature, culture, sport and activities, wellness and relaxing - you'll find the right one(s)

chill out, feel safe and at home, just let go and enjoy yourself....


safe and protected during your stay at all events night and day - with our qualified Bodyguards.

Ladys' Special

stroll, shopping and more...
for the ladys